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November 30

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Well..... November 30 is the date that I finish work where I am and I do not have enough money to go away with... I think that i'm going to get another job.. I know i've been saying that for a while but i'm serious this time.. I just changed all of the money accross to euro's (and cried), then I changed it all across to Pounds (and cried even more)... so i'm going to look for another job that I can do at night or on the weekends or both... I can't wait to go overseas... I think that I might just stay there... dont' think i'll come back... I'll just get anice cousshy job and work my little butt off!! anyway.. gotta go... getting on a plane back to alice springs in a moment... Great... Let's get back to 37 degrees... how much fun will that be?! NONE AT ALL... that's the answer to the question.. not that it's great fun being in Darwin where its 95% humidity... there's a reason that i'm going over to Europe when it's freezing.. anywa... I'd best go...

See ya!!

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How fast does time go... the answer... too fast

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Well... all i have to say is... I looked at the date today and thought "oh my god", i just figured out that this month is September... and i'm heading away in December... that's only 3 months! It seems like not that long ago that I wrote my first entry!

I'm still working working working, not sure if i'm even ready yet! At least there's one thing I know for sure... my bag is packed!! with everything that I need and i've made sure time and time again that nothing is missing!!

I'm only in my jobs until November 30 then my contract ends... and off to Darwin I go to fly out. I can't wait!!

I'm still thinking about what I should be wearing... i fly out of Darwin, into Singapore and then into Heathrow and then Vienna, so i'm thinking that I should dress cool for darwin to singapore and then get changed on the plane to Heathrow into something just a tad warmer... and hopefully not freeze my butt off when i get off in Vienna!! I'll be uploading pictures of my journey when I land and start travelling around and who knows, I might end up staying!!

I can't wait for cooler (even if it is freezing) temperatures because I really can't handle the heat (living in Alice Springs, the heat can sometimes get to you, even though i'm sure there are hotter places than here!!) So minus 5 degrees when I land in Vienna seems pretty nice right now, i'm sitting in my office with my air conditioner working over time trying to cool the room down to 14 degrees, poor thing!!

Anyway... i'd best get back to work, trying to get fit before I go overseas because I doubt that i will be going out running in below 0 temperatures!!! :)

Gotta go... i'll write again soon!!

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All This Working!!

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All of this working just to get enough money to go away with!! Now i'm working 3 jobs just so i'll have enough to deal with the exchange rate from Australian Dollars to Euro's and Pounds!! Is anyone else having these issues?!

Anyway... I've got pretty much all of the things that I need to take with me.. except money of course.. but that will come with time.. Anyway.. i'd better get back to work...

working my little butt off

luv me

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Well I know it's still ages away.....

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I can't wait... It's been 12 years since i've been to Europe... and this time.. I'm going by myself!! Not much else to report except that i've finally got both my passports (australian and UK) so now i can get on and start looking for jobs... without needing a working visa makes life so much easier!!! Anyway, I just can't wait to leave... December the 9th can't come fast enough!! Talk again soon!!

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8 months?!

Is that even long enough?!

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haha.. just joking.. it should be just enough time to figure out how i'm going to fit all those winter clothes in a 65L capacity backpack... hmmmmmm any bright ideas?! I'm coming up with none.. i guess that's more fool me for going to EUROPE in WINTER!!! but I still can't wait... it's going to be soooooo much fun... hey come on... i come from Alice Springs!! It's going to be brilliant!! so anyway... heading off in December... flying from Darwin to Singapore to Heathrow to Vienna... that's going to take ages!! oh and to make matters even COOLER!! I stay in heathrow for 6 hours before i get on the plane to vienna... haha.. but besides that... i get into vienna and the next day i start travelling.. from Vienna to London... then i stay in London for a max of 12 months living with all the relatives... I can't wait!! Anyone got any ideas of what I should pack? How cold is cold? just wondering if I should pack thermals... remembering that I come from a place where the min in winter is 20 during the day and maybe 2 at night... i'm thinking it's going to be colder somewhere where it SNOWS! anyways.. i better go.... write again soon

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