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February 2008

off again on another whirlwind journey

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well from London to Graz (Austria) that was the first leg of my journey... well my second journey to be precise... and what a time i had in Graz!! I met up with Michael (a medical student that came to alice springs, it was there that i promised him that i would come and visit when i was overseas) I met his entire family (all of whom were absolutely lovely!!) and all of his friends... or at least some of them... it's a good thing that they can all speak english... i had the best time in Graz and was really upset to be leaving... but i promised before i left that i would come back again within the year... hopefully next time in summer... so when i get back to australia/UK i will definately have to start earning some money.. otherwise that will not be possible... after Graz (did i mention that i had the best time there? :) ) I headed onto Barcelona... which was massive!!! It was nothing like i expected... there were scooters everywhere.. i think i almost died a couple of times... but the hostel that i stayed in was brilliant (Alberguinn if any of you are going to Barcelona.. it's brilliant!!) and I spend 4 days there... 4 days which were just a blur of history and fashion... and the fruit markets!! amazing.... there were some skinned sheep heads which i wasn't too keen on... but there you go.. different cultures... :) and now... sitting in Malta... so this is how far i've made it so far... next i'm off to florence... where hopefully i will continue to have a brilliant time... but in the meantime.. i intend to rest up for my 7 days in malta... go to the islands... and then head on again... until then!!

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Now in UK

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Well I know that it's been a while since i wrote... but i've been so busy looking around, taking photos, and catching up with relatives that I haven't had enough time to do everything that i want to do... but i'm writing now, so i suppose that kind of makes up for it... anyway... after Berlin we made it to Amsterdam, did the walk through the red light district... then some of the girls of tour and myself went down into "the grasshopper" a coffee shop.... and i think we all know what they sell there... the girls had a try of the local produce and i decided that i wouldn't.... Amsterdam was stunning, the canals were beautiful... We went to Anne Franks Huis... another typical tourist thing to do, but something that definately has to be done, it really does make you realise how lucky you are to live in todays society... After Amsterdam we made our way to Paris where we caught the Eurostar across to london... we left some of the tour in Paris, so there were some sad goodbyes because there were some really good friends that were made. Our Eurostar was delayed by 3 hours, so i didn't end up getting into london until some ungodly hour of the night... I then caught the train from St Pancras station to Brighton and ended up getting into brighton at 1 am... called my aunty (I felt really bad... I didn't know if they would be asleep or not... they weren't) and she came and picked me up... I've been doing alot since I got to Brighton, I've been looking around the town/city (compared to alice springs, it's a city) I've been up to Birmingham to go and visit some more relatives... I was only up there for a week... but that week was brilliant!!! Tomorrow I'm heading back off to Austria (Graz this time) and i'm going skiing with a friend!! First time skiing (or snowboarding for that matter, I can surf, so they reckon it's pretty easy if you can surf) should be a laugh for Michael (that's my friend) he said he wouldn't laugh... but I don't believe him!! From Graz I head on to Florence, It shoud be beautiful there, then I head to Barcelona/Malta (I don't remember which way it goes....... but i've got planes booked so i'd better figure it out!!) then back to London... I don't know when i'll be heading back to Australia... I'm thinking about heading back at the end of March... but I will deal with that when I come to it... Like I said, I've been having a wonderful time... but now I need some money.... :) The public transport system is brilliant over here so it shouldn't be a problem to get to work on time... so i'll see how I go.. I might end up staying a little bit longer!! Anyway... I'd better go... I'll write again!!!

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